Milano Aiuta 020202

Coronavirus emergency

From 13 March the Milano Aiuta service has been strengthened and a hotline linked the Milan info call center  has been set up; it is dedicated to the elderly, over 65s, people affected by chronic or immunosuppressed diseases and, more generally, to vulnerable people at risk of Coronavirus infection.

By calling 02.02.02 – button 7, from 8 to 20 from Monday to Saturday, the municipality provides information on the services the city has put in place to deal with the emergency due to the spread of Covid-19, also with regard to shopping delivery service of foodstuffs.

Meals at home

Home meal delivery service, with adequate notice (at least two days); the service is provided during the week and on a reduced basis during the weekend.

Grocery shopping with home delivery

Through cooperative operators, primary grocery shopping service in nearby stores, with home delivery, online payment and in some cases in cash, during the day (Monday to Friday): those who handle the delivery are always recognizable (badge and / or bib).

Grocery shopping service through the major distribution chains that have ensured free delivery for over 65s; online payment, delivery through professional operators employed by individual distributors. Service provided as indicated by each distribution chain.

Drug delivery (also with prescription)

Withdrawal of the recipe and delivery of the drugs to the user’s home through pharmacy operators, cooperative operators, during limited hours during the week and on the weekend.

Small commissions

With the exception of food delivery and with reference to services still open, the service is available for small other needs on weekdays during the day.

People transport service

Free taxi transport service dedicated to people over 65s accompanied by an operator identified by the Municipality (social service operators, volunteers).